Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You are naturally Beautiful...My Journey on Loving My Natural beauty

Happy Hump Day Luvs!!!!

Wow, I am up early writing to you today, and sitting back preparing to work with a couple of clients, but not before chattin with you guys for a sec. Ok , so I'm sippin on a cup of warm tea,I have my music on mid volume, listening to a little jazz, and thinking about tonight's show.

Most of you know that I take a GOZILLION, but most of you don't know the story behind my love/hate relationships with pictures and my 20 year journey of never taking them. Yeah I know... You CANT INAGINE THAT! Lol

So here goes. I've always been an outgoing person. And loved being around folks, but never thought I was photogenic, so I would always disappear when it was time to take family photos. Really!!

 But something happened about three years ago. An old friend contacted me, and asked me to send some pictures to him because I didn't have any pictures up through social media at this time. After asking me five times, and me running out of excuses, he had a serious conversation with me. 

He forced me to think about why I WAS RUNNING FROM THE CAMERA.(smile)

He knew exactly where to hit me, he told me that by not taking pictures I was denying friends and family seeing me, and taking part in my life. He shared with me that I looked like my mom, and that I am denying her beauty by feeling ashamed of my own! 


That struck me, because I believe my mom is beautiful along with other women in my family, but I must admit I had gained weight, felt my nose was too chubby, chin too short, and eyes were too small. Yes me INSPIRATIONAL BEAUTY!

If I didn't know me, I wouldn't believe it either(smile).

He challenged me to practice taking pictures, to see what my best angles were, and wallah..... I started snapping away. This pic below was one of the first I truly felt comfortable with. In this pic I saw KIM, I SAW MOM, GRANDMA, AUNTIES AND ALL THE WOMEN IN MY FAMILY. I INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE WITH MY NATURAL, FLAWED BEAUTY BECAUSE I SAW MY HERITAGE.

What happened next even surprised me. I was going through a transition at this time. I had no idea that my life was about to go on A RIDE.... A REAL ROLLCOASTER when I took this picture, for the next year,I made a decision to grow in loving who I was on the inside, and what I saw on the outside. 

The love for enhancing who I was became an obsession. I began becoming more sensitive to my own needs, my desires, my ideas, and my life.

This journey of self discovery led me to writing, and inspiring and encouraging. 

You and I are not so different, as a matter of fact we are the same. We have desires, hopes, wishes. We experience fear, failures and setbacks. So you don't always feel picture perfect but you are beautiful just the way you are.

Whether you look like me, or not, you have your own natural beauty that God himself blessed you with. So today we ARE CELEBRATING THE REAL YOU.NO MAKEUP, NO ENHANCEMENTS, JUST YOU.

I tell you all the time, I love you just the way you are. So join me tonight to here I Am Me Radio(host of Radio show) to see why you should love the skin you're in. I can't wait to hear all the stories. You know I have such a great relationship with the other two cohost on our show, we are truly great friends, and I appreciate who they are. They are great women, and I believe you are too.

So get out there, and take your pics NATURAL BEAUTIES!!!

Love you!!

As always....

Inspirational Beauty!

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