Thursday, February 25, 2016

Three Relationships We All Must Cultivate

It is a beautiful Thursday Luvs!!!

I am so deliciously happy right now, as I dance to Tamias "Him". It has such an infectious melody, and makes me feel so good. If you follow me at all, you know that music is my thang! It keeps me motivated, inspired and ready to dig in. So of course this song is right on point for what I want to discuss today. 

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So I've been trying the FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO  and it's been really cool, and I've been able to talk with you all immediately, and last week I did a chat on "Why It's Important to be authentic, creative, unique and confident in personal and professional relationships."It was a lot of fun for me, but of course I went off on a tangent.:-). But it was helpful Information none the less. 

So since relationships is something I focus on a lot in my everyday practice as a coach and consultant, I wanted to share with you guys today the three relationships I believe we all should cultivate. The reason why I want to talk about this is very simple. We are all human, and we are social animals, meaning we need one another for our wants and needs to have a healthy, productive, and fulfilled existence. Life is more enjoyable when you know how to relate to one another(Relationship book coming in April) . So here we go.


1. The first relationship at we all must cultivate is the relationship with ourselves. We must understand that we are an entity, and housed within us is a source of creativity, wonderment, and power. We must understand that we are the highest form of intelligence, and that we are created to take care of ourselves, those around us, and all of creation. When you understand these things, you take care of yourself much better because you now see yourself as valuable. 

If you believe as I do, you believe that you are created from a higher being, a spiritual being that exists outside of yourself, which lead me to the next relationship all humans should cultivate.

2. The next relationship to cultivate is the relationship with God the Creator. Now I am Christian , so for the sake of this blog, I will stay in alignment with my own beliefs, it is necessary to understand that the Source is God, and he allows others humans, things, ideas, and anything else as resources. Resources will dry up one day, but THE SOURCE IS NEVER ENDING. This relationship is important, because it feeds your soul. It replenishes the mind, and even the body. God is available to us everyday to walk ahead of us, and provide insight and wisdom while we are in the physical realm. He is the ultimate answer to all questions. So it is imperative to seek an all knowing, all loving God on a daily basis to have a fulfilled life.

3.The third relationship to cultivate is with your family friends, mate, and those who love you. They are your community. These are the people in your life that will add color, and richness to your life. They love you, even when they don't like you. This group of people will stand for you when no one else will, so it's important to value this group of people. Life is a journey and none of us can do it alone. With understanding these things life will be more bearable, if you continue to foster great REALTIONSHIPS with this group.

You know, everywhere I go I meet people. I don't care where it is, because I understand that they are just a mere reflection of me, so I'm careful to treat everyone with respect and am ready to give my undivided attention. This week has been an amazing one, it's been busy but BEAUTIFUL because of all the people I have met along the way.

Why do I want to help you I. Regards to better relationships? It's simple. I Love "love" and I love you. I am wrapped in love, and believe that it is the cornerstone for everything else. My purpose in life is to spread information, joy, inspiration, and motivation according to Gids plan not my own. I know that he is responsible for opening doors for me so that I can do just that. 

With Gods grace and guidance, I will continue, and who knows you may just see me on a worlds stage! So continue to put God first in everything you do, even when you don't feel like it. Love yourself, and treat others, especially those closest to you with love, and respect. To listen to the Cast Of Simply Ib.s roundatbke discussion last night on "Relationships " check out the podcast at it was the BOMB!!!!

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Love you!!!

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Ps..... Also it's time to get fit everybody!!!!!