Wednesday, August 24, 2016

3 Simple Words Stopping You From Living

Good morning!!!!

It is Wednesday lovely people and I felt like blogging today. I was sitting here with my music turned up listening to a little "Sting"  Message in a Bottle" and I started to think about a couple of  things that I supposed to do today, and I noticed every time I got ready to do them I found myself doing something else.

But why?

Lord knows I need to do these things, like wash clothes, get a message prepared for next week, and jump in the shower and get ready to go  and work out. But on my way to throw the clothes in, I stopped by my computer to check messages. You may be thinking , well what's wrong with that?

To put it plainly.


There was a great philosopher that said "HOW YOU DO ANYTHING IS HOW YOU DO EVERYTHING!"

After looking at it closely, I realized just how true that was, so you all know me by now, I analyze most things, so I sat down with my basket of clothes in my hand and asked myself am I doing this
with other things, and if so what are the consequences, so here's what I found.....

Excuses not to do something comes in many forms, whether it's through PROCRASTINATION, FEAR, OR REJECTION IT COMES.

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Now let's look at these things, we have all heard of them so much, and these are words we don't like to associate with us, but let me tell you that these things are the real culprit to most things, and
interestingly enough they are all interrelated. So which one of these things was I exhibiting today? And more importantly what is the consequence?

Let's see if you can get it right...... PROCRASTINATION.....YES! You are exactly correct my friend.

Procrastination is sneaky, because it's like eating a little bit of sugar at a time, so you don't really feel the effects, until one day you get on the scale and now you have gained ten pounds. Now I'm 5'2 so ten pounds for me is actually like 15 pounds. You see the consequence of my weight gain?

Procrastination is the same way, you may not feel the affects right away, but it knocks everything else off kilter and adds more on top of it.

Me not washing my clothes on time affects when I get ready for my business meeting , because I can't relax and meditate or pray, which affects me spiritually, which affects my message.

You see, things are not always complicated, but if you are able to identify your excuses or the real reasons to anything that's stopping you from doing things you will be able to SOAR!

What's stopping you from soaring?


I have found that most people exhibit symptoms of these three, but  they use simple reasoning like....




I DONT HAVE ENOUGH.(money, education, time, resources,someone to watch the baby)

Blah blah blah. I bet if you ask anyone who seems to be stuck in life, you will get some of these answers. It's not because it is not true,but truth is not a reason to not LIVE THE LIFE YOU  ARE SUPPOSED TO. If that was the case,  I would not be speaking to you right now. . I want you to understand, that no matter how logical, even logical  excuses will stop you from living the life that you deserve.

Sit down, make a list, and try it for seven days, and stick to it . When you find yourself making excuses,  you need a severe consequence. For me it is doing twenty push-ups anytime  I deviate,  no matter where I am, and believe me, it's not always pretty, but I do it.

So remember, find out which one of theses three things is speaking to you and , hit it across the head with ACTION BABY!!

You can do it.

Until next time.


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