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If you have finally reached some life long goals, and you are very comfortable with your life, and you find that you are missing that person by your side...please choose wisely.

For I believe, that you are in a great place to be, but by choosing the wrong Mate in your life, it can be devastating!

It can "wreck" you either....financially, emotionally, SPIRITUALLY, and mentally. Women are meant to take a "GOOD MAN" and inspire him into a "GREAT MAN".

If you are picking based on conversation, sex, and interests alone, and you can't see that she inspires you to reach for more. . .she is probably not the one!

Also guys. . . if you are not comfortable with yourself first, and you are not able to provide for yourself FIRST. . .it makes things a little harder, and because of the stress of bills, and every day life, you are not able to focus on her.(Women, please understand, if A "Man" cannot provide, life is stressful for him, and he can become depressed or angry).

In this case, you may lose out on a great opportunity, but she is there to help prep you(I know folks don't like this, I don't either) to help you reach the level that is required for that type of relationship, WHEN YOU ARE READY!

I believe one of the biggest tragedies is getting in a relationship with a wonderful person too early!

Timing is very important, and if you want that lasting relationship with us Ladies, continue to be honest with us guys, and letting us know you are not ready, and Women accept what he is telling you.

He may not be able to put it into words, but trust that he doesn't want to struggle, and see his Manhood in question when he cannot meet your standards..

This is just my little insight. . . .

As always. . . . .

Inspirational Beauty!

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