Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I was Downtown Atlanta a couple of years ago walking to an appointment, and by all accounts I was dressed to impressed, because I was trying to make a good impression.(smile)

So anyway... as I got to the door, there was a Man who was sitting on the stairs outside of the building. He was obviously homeless, and he looked like he was desperately weak. This isn't uncommon when you walk downtown Atlanta, or any major city for that matter. But it was something in his eyes that said "Kim, stop and talk to him!"

So, I didn't want to be late, but in this moment in time, I wanted to help him with everything in me. So I stopped, spoke and told him, I was going in for a meeting, and when I finished I would be back....

So my meeting lasted for an hour, it went well, but I was still thinking about the Man on the steps. So I ran outside and he was gone.I felt guilt, but I was also relieved, because what could I really do for him? So I walked up 1 block, and I saw him at another corner. So I waived to him,I called to him, I tried anything I could to get his attention. He finally saw me, and I walked over to him, and before I could say anything... he said...


After those words, I knew what he needed most, he needed to be noticed, to still feel valuable, to still feel like he mattered. Yes he was hungry, yes he needed shelter, and money, but he wanted someone to hear his story, and after sharing a Sprite and half a sandwich,two hours later I met an Man who had an interesting life, and who was father, a hard worker, at one time and a Man who fell from grace. He was no longer the HOMELESS MAN ON THE STREETS! He was me, if things went to bad....

There is nothing better about me from the next Woman or Man, we all are trying to make it, I don't care if we are on the top or the bottom. We all need to be validated just because we are here. I don't know where he is now, or if he is even still alive, but I never forgot the lessons he shared with me... No matter where we are in life.... God is with us, and all of his children need LOVE!

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