Monday, July 15, 2013


One of the problems facing my generation is that we have never been united through a cause. Our parents and our grandparents were united through segregation and through Jim Crowe. It was just my parents generation that saw Brown Vs The Board of Education, where my mom and dad could legally go to school with whites and anyone else for that matter. I am 40, and there has not been a movement that has brought us together through a collective. Nothing of substance to shut down this country to have them takes us seriously. We are recipients of our Parents and Grandparents marches, and efforts that ultimately changed LAWS! I thank God for that, but because they had to fight for basic rights, and civil right's, there was a bond created within their community and it was formed through crisis. Our generation has not formed that type of unity, because we have not shared that type of crisis on that level. They fought so that we(babies at the time) would have it better, and we do, but at what cost? We were the generation to go to private schools, have sneakers that cost more than our parents outfit, video games, and all the gaming systems at one time.... and the generation behind us, is even that more removed from unity. Have we lost the brotherly and sisterly love, and become infatuated with the rewards of life, instead of being our brother's keeper? :-(

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