Monday, August 17, 2015

If You Don't Know Your "Why" You Will Be Defeated:written by Inspirational Beauty

Goodmorning Luvs!

It is Monday, and it is the beginning of the work week for most of us, and that is a beautiful thing! :-)
So! To get things started...I wanted to talk to you guys about one of the"MAIN" ingredient's to having a successful life! 

That ingredient is SELF BELIEF! I know that it sounds self explanatory,  but I wanted to take a moment to really concentrate on this.(smile). We often hear that we need Education, Money, Friends, Access, Beauty and so many other things to be a success. Well, some of those things can help, but you don't necessarily need them to start with. You see, when you believe first, that you are worthy of the goal that you are trying to reach, you will attract it! I don't want you to think I'm using "POSITIIVE" talk here.

I am coming from the perspective of Spiritual Law, The belief that everything first has to be a thought, and someone had to BELIEVE in it ,to have it manifest. So when it comes to yourself, you have to SEE it in your mind's eye... then the belief comes in,  then you add emotion, that emotion turns into desire , which then builds momentum, which causes ACTION!

But first, you have to know that you are worthy Luv...

Because, most of us want things, but deep down inside we are unsure of ourselves. We are constantly worried if we are good enough, unique enough, smart enough, pretty enough, and deserving enough. Those feelings cause us to just look at life from the sidelines. I don't care what money, degree, or access you have, if you do not believe in yourself, those things alone cannot sustain you in maintaining a happy and fulfilled life! When that happens, others belief in you will fall as well, because you are your biggest weapon! If you stop, why should we continue? Real talk!  

You are good enough, you are smart enough, you are talented enough, now that I believe in "YOU", now it's about time you show and prove! Go out into this world and be the best you can be, don't dim your light, don't worry about what other's think!

 In order for me to write to you today, I have to believe I have something to offer, and guess what?

I DO! 

I know that my gift is being layed before you in these words, and if you get nothing else out of this, get this one thing......



As always. . .love you guys from the inside out!


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