Saturday, July 6, 2013

Welcome to The Inspirational Corner with Inspirational Beauty(Advice Column)

 "The Inspirational Corner" with Inspirational Beauty(Advice Column)

Welcome to"The Inspirational Corner" with Inspirational Beauty.  To those who are not familiar with me, allow me to introduce myself to you!(smile)

My name is Kim, and I am also known as Inspirational Beauty, I. beauty, or even I.B, and I am an Inspirational Writer, Speaker, Author and  all around  COOL CHICK,...LOL. I started a journey with just a few of you beautiful Ladies just a few months ago, by simply presenting inspiring, stories, messages, pictures(via Facebook) and my own insight to uplift and remind you of your true power.

Because of that, I was asked to do an Advice Column by the Creator's of "4 The Love Of Black Women). If it were not for them, I may not have done this for a while to come, so I want to Thank them, for sharing their belief in me, and sharing their audience as well..... GOD IS GOOD!

You all have trusted me, and supported me and my efforts, and in turn, I wanted a place where we could talk one on one, where I could be more than just a person speaking to the general public. Ladies you all are amazing funny, heartfelt, and I just love talking to you.(smile) So let's talk about the things we are concerned with , and lets continue to support all of our brothers and sister's to try and get this thing called life going in the right direction. I hope you will continue this journey on with me, because I AM READY FOR THE RIDE!!!!

As always. . .Love you guys from the inside out!

I. Beauty!

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