Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Lesson Learned from my 90Year Old Jewish Mentor About Money

"Ok Luvs... 

   I am currently watching Netflix(first season of Everybody Loves Raymond). This show is so funny to me. It's the very first show, and I get to fall in live with these crazy characters all over again.

   But, I must admit while I'm watching it, it caused me to think about a time when I used to trade in the commodities market. Ok, you're probably saying, what does that have to do with "EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND?" 

   Well... It was one of my Mentors favorite shows.

   We would sit together, and watch this show together and I must admit I loved to watch my Mentor watch it, because he was such a conservative man, who seemed to always be serious. But, during this show, he would let his hair down.  

   As I write this, I think of all the things he taught me, some deliberately, but mostly through osmosis. As you could probably tell by the way that I am writing about him, he is no longer with me, but his spirit, and his lessons are still here.

   Its  funny how we even met, will never forget it.  He was actually a client of mine, but I learned more from Him, than I could ever teach him. You see I was selling him currencies, but he was teaching me WEALTH

   So the tutorship began. We built a relationship based off of mutual respect, honesty and trust. He was a kind gentle man, but shrewd when it came to business. He taught me lessons about money that were so conceptualized that my tiny brain felt as though it would explode. He shared lessons about family, about GOD, AND MOST OF ALL ABOUT ME.

   He saw a young girl(24 at the time) that was hungry for knowledge,  a girl who was hungry for making a difference in this world, and who was ready to make her mark on this world. But he also saw a girl who was inexperienced to the ways of this world. A girl that was held back by her own fears, her own past, and her own limiting beliefs. You see he taught me more than I could ever learn in a text book.

   You see... I was always nervous about losing his money in the markets ,but he never was. He never was. Not because he desired to lose, but in his own words 


   As you can imagine, I was just a young woman from the south of these Unitesd States who thought 50k was living! Well ...let's just say my mentor exceeded millions, and that's just what I had access to. He explained through our friendship that money is a tool, and that only the wealthy use it properly. They hedge their investments. They invest in things that are not shared with others, not even at the bank.

   As you could imagine, I was a broker so I dealt with clients who had access to lots of money, but it wasn't their money that I paid attention to , it was.....



   I came from an Educated family, and a proud historical town, but I never understood that wealth was a concept, and was full for principles, and never knew anyone personally that could or would teach me these things.

   He exposed me to his circle, his private thoughts, and he shared information, books, access, and most importantly his time. I have opted shared with you all in their blog what I have learn from him, and he made me promise to pass things on to those that are serious and ready , and willing to share with their community, and be good stewards of it.

   So  I am in the process of finishing a book of insight, wisdom and advice to give you a peek of what took him a lifetime, and me years to bring to you. I can't wait. I know that it will be a blessing. God has blessed me, and now it's time.

I hope It gives you what you need to move your life forward. It sure helped me.

As always....

Love you from the inside out.

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