Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Happy amazing Wednesday!!

I just got off of a phone call with a young lady discussing one of my favorite things to discuss. You got it! 


Now I know I have entitled this the mistakes women make while dating, but in no shape or form am I blaming us for the things that go wrong in our individual relationships! (Smile ).

But because I am a woman who has made a lot of mistakes and who is now"REFORMED" I felt it was my duty to help my sista's out! Lol

So let me start by saying this, you may not be doing anything wrong, but there are things that turn "MEN" off and he may lose interest. Well of course you are totally unaware, because it could be something very small to you. Sweetie, he may or may not tell you depending on how INVESTED HE IS IN YOU!

So I am going to share some of these things with you.

1. Do not send him a photo of you before you had your three kids. This is a No.... It will work for a while but he has to see you sooner or later.

When you send a Man your photo, please show all of you,(entire body) and make sure it is a recent picture,you don't have to be a supermodel, but 
CONFIDENCE is sexy to him. So show your playful side as well as your sultry side.

Men are very simple, first impressions are important to him. So who he sees in the photo is who he expects to see when he meets you. Trust is the basis of Love for. MEN, and these small things makes him feel as though you are hiding something.


You are giving him all the reasons why he should go the other way. Remember he is trying to get to know you. Tell him how much you love to dance, smile, flirt, and keep the conversation on how amazing you are.That's who he wants to see.


He is dating you. Just because you are dating, until you both have established where you are going in this relationship, you need to remain flexible and not worry about other women.Meaning you must have standards,but understand that until he states that you are his, this could be a major turn off... He is thinking...

"This chick is jealous... I don't need this drama"

Sometimes  things will be going well on the phone before you meet,you may even be dating  for a couple of months and things just go left and you have no idea why! Depending on if he cares he may tell you what the problem is or not. Men are not always very verbal and they don't want to waste there time, so sometimes they will just stop calling. I didn't make the rules. Its just the way it is.. Should they consider your feelings? Yes..... But at the end of the day, just be you, remember to show what makes you special and he will want to stick to you like glue.....

If you are single and find it hard to have someone commit to you, and it's leaving you confused.. Please click this link below and let me help you figure things out. 

As always...Muah!!!!


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